Help restore hope for a future.


3 in 10 young people in Australia live in poverty, lack access to education and have no hope for their future.

We’re on a mission to change that.

Here’s how.


 Equipping change makers through education.

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An industry based initiative that will equip you to map your career strategy, develop a creative portfolio and collaborate with other talented artists.


A Skilling Queenslanders for Work program that works with Indigenous Australians facing significant disadvantage.


Academy for Young Entrepreneurs enables students to dream, invent and change their world by creating micro businesses that support children in developing nations.

We imagine a world where the majority of young Australians, Indigenous and non Indigenous are empowered to become culturally strong, creatively significant and commercially savvy.



Enrol in one of our programs to get your dream idea activated.


Providing emergency food relief on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.



Join our growing group of awesome people passionate about real change. 


Support and invest in the rise up of next generation world changers.


 Thank you to our elders who endured so much so that we may now live in an era of unprecedented opportunity.